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Formulas and price* :

* the weekly rate includes the consomation of 400 liters water per day, of 4 kw electricity per day, (1 gas butane bottle for 3 weeks) with beyond this consumption, m3 of water will be fact uré 1,60 euros and 0,15 euros kw.


(In winter it is possible to rent for longer periods, please notify us. In winter electricity and gasoil are not included in the following fares)

The following points are not included in the fare : Gastronomie française, style of restaurant ; spectacles tickets and local products.

Stay tax amounts 0,40 euros per night per person, children of less 13 are exonerated.

In complement to charges that will be listed below, for those who wish, Cecile proposes to introduce you to some sites, depending on your tastes, your interests, etc.
We build upon request free estimates based on custom parameters such as the number of people, places to visit, the types of ballads (to the city or the countryside) mode of travel (car or your cécile) , the mode for eat(picnic or restaurant), etc...

Please contact by e-mail Cécile !


Les périodes

vous trouverez les prix par période de l'année, ainsi que le calendrier des disponibilités
(mis à jour à chaque réservation) sur le site .

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Cliques ici pour plus d'info et connaître les disponibilités du Petit Cabanon